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Here's How I Can Sell Just About Anything

UGC | Unboxing Amazons
UGC | Video Projects + Influencer Post

Business Recommendation Transitions
Travel & Destinations

Restaurant Recommendations
Travel & Destinations

Airbnb Recommendations | POV FORM
Travel & Destinations

Hotel Recommendation | Voiceovers
Travel & Destinations

Business Adv. | POV FORM
Travel & Destinations

Airbnb Recommendations | Clip
Travel & Destinations

Event Overview | Compilations

Bobs Red Mill Gluten Free
GF/NF Cooking

GF/NF Cooking

Aesthetic | Mindset Page

Aesthetic POV | Mindset Page

POV | Mindset Merch | Store

Googi Pet | Voiceovers

Pets & Lifestyle

UGC Photography

Product Photography | Location | Professional

Ocean View Room
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Japanese Garden
life begins at end . 2.JPG
Balcony with View
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UGC Videos

$500 One Video

$900 3 Videos

$1100 5 Videos

Product/Pro Videos

$1000 One Video

$1600 3 Videos

$2200 5 Videos

UGC Photos

$150 3 UGC Photos

$250 10 UGC Photos

$300 20 UGC Photos

Product/Pro Photos

$500 10 Prof. & Edited Photos

$850 20 Prof. & Edited Photos

$1200 50 Prof. & Edited Photos

Influencer Post / Tiktok / IG / FB / Linked In



$600 One Video

$1000 3 Videos

$1200 5 Videos


All Bundles include Usage to Footage

UGC Includes Raw Footage

7-10 Day Turn Around Time

More bundles & monthly packages are available upon request.

What's the difference?

UGC Videos are created, and produced from the phone to post to the brands page. Influencer posts are created to be posted to my pages. I offer Influencer add ons, this means I create a UGC for your brand page, and then I turn around and make it correlate to my brand page, and I post it there as well.

services offered - ugc creator.jpeg

Why Me?

Hi my name is Wendy Marie, I'm a young mother based in the United States. I am a social media enthusiast, and have worked my way to become an effective digital strategist.

Having studied some of a Bachelors in Business, New Media and Internet Marketing, along with several years of training in versatile marketing tactics; I consider myself knowledgeable in the field of Marketing, and Internet Marketing as a whole. 4 + years exper