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I'm a twenty six year old who originally moved out of my folks at the age of fourteen. I walked my first runway and was signed by a few agents, and began networking with businesses in the six states, and twelve cities I have moved to, and lived in the past ten years. I was dealing with a semi-absentee, addict parent, and had to venture off and get out of the small town I'd lived in. This led me to twelve years experience representing businesses such as the NFL, MLB, Nascar, Liquor Promotions, Sports Promotions and more. I worked self employed for a while, and picked up jobs like running a swim school in Miami, stocks and retail in New York, managing a marketing firm in Tampa, FL. 

I was a high school drop out who got a GED, had a baby at eighteen and started college in New Media and Internet Marketing. It took me little time to realize you don't actually need a business degree, and that I could learn everything I needed to online. I dropped out of school to focus on business, which led me to create my company, WM; A marketing agency with a primary focus in Digital Marketing.

WM Media - A digital marketing service specialized in growing Direct-Marketing firms, with a focus in environmental conservation, home automation, charity work, and telecommunications.

DBA as WMProductions - An event management service that leverages a deep insight into clients' desires | Specializing in the Fashion industry.

WM Promotions - A trade show model, brand ambassador, and influencer with twelve years experience representing businesses such as NFL, MLB, Nascar, Fortune 100 & 500 companies, International Swimwear collections, and more. | Sponsorships

ModelWM - A fashion model, and actress having walked for NYFW, OFW, and Miami Swim Week Events - 4x Published - Actress, having filmed for Telemundo Miami TV.

Getfitwithwendy - A fitness and travel influencer | I've lived in six states, twelve cities the past ten years | Sharing my fitness, and travel journey with you

WhiskwithWendy - A foodie who likes to cook and bake GF, Nut Free, and Dairy Free 

YesMaamSociety | I started this community to bring like-minded women together | To provide tools for people to re-claim their self love, find their passions, and turn their passion into a digital income

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I am someone who comes from nothing; A young woman who has dealt with a toxic parent, addiction myself, depression, lack of self love and confidence, suicidal thoughts, sexual assault, rape, having been in abusive relationships; I've overcome many obstacles and have come out stronger. I believe you can do anything you put your mind to.