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New beginnings

I went from broke, insecure, anxious, and broken to a self-made, confident, and secure twenty six year old mother. I moved out at the age of fourteen years old, and have faced things from seeing addiction in the family, overcoming addiction myself, rape, physical and emotional abuse, a lack of self love and so much more. I've lived in six states, and twelve cities the past ten years. 

I had a child at the age of eighteen years old, I dropped out of high school and started college early; From a very young age I carried myself with a strong independence, and drive with the will to do whatever I wanted in life. I overcame every obstacle that was thrown at me. "Perhaps" it's because I come from strong blood of men who fought in wars, saving thousands of men, or women who come from Spanish royalty; However, I find all of that irrelevant. It doesn't matter where we come from, but who we choose to become even through all obstacles. Somewhere down the line of my family, something was broken. I come from wealthy, and the other half poor.


I have a strong family name, but I didn't receive any generational wealth, and went my whole life not knowing half of my family. I believe it's because I found a way to see the good in the World, and chose to see my life for opportunity, and develop a mind to do something far from average no matter who was and wasn't there for me.

I've found that my primary purpose in life is to give back, and to help young women who may be facing some of the same things I once did; To help women re-claim their self love, find THEIR purpose, master their mind, and claim their success. A lot of young women have yet to see the potential they really have, and are overcome with mindset blocks from their past or current reality. These mindset blocks hinder us from living the life we deserve. If you could live your life exactly as you wanted right now, what would you be doing with it?


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We believe that every woman has the power to create long lasting habits that motivate them into becoming the person they're meant to be. With the right tools and guidance, every female has the power to fulfill their dreams, and live out their passions to their utmost potential. This is why our Founder started "YesMaamSociety" a community in which we provide women with the tools they need to succeed. 

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